For far too long, yoga was thought of a practice for women. Blame it on the phenomenon of yoga pants, but luckily, that perception is changing fast. While yoga may have a well-deserved reputation for appealing to women, Scholé Yoga Salt Lake actually has a large number of men in our community, and it’s not uncommon for the guys to even outnumber the women in class.

We believe the practices of mindfulness and personal growth have universal appeal beyond the chromosomes you were born with, and are proud to provide a different kind of yoga practice that appeals to people who might never have thought of themselves as yogis before. In case it might inspire someone you know to roll out a mat, we asked some of the men in the Scholé Yoga Collective to share what they find at our SLC yoga studio:

Shawn T., insurance and investment broker, Salt Lake City

“Scholé Yoga for me is the perfect way to balance out my schedule. I weight train and do cardio 5 days a week, work a demanding M-F 9 to 5 shift where I sit at a desk for hours on end, and am also a student. Scholé Yoga incorporates a very active free flow as well as yin postures to reset my metal stamina. I have practiced yoga all over the Salt Lake valley and Scholé is the most unique experience from the second you walk in the studio to when you leave.”

Jeremy H, owner, Stoic Design Build construction company, Salt Lake City

“The main reason I practice Scholé Yoga is that it allows me to move the way I want to, or literally can move, instead of having to move into a certain pose like it seems at other studios. Also, the music. I love moving TO something, not BECAUSE of something. Other studios play music, yes, but it’s not nearly as in sync or inspired by the teachers at Scholé Yoga Salt Lake, IMO. Lastly, I feel welcomed by the community at SYSL more than anywhere else I have practiced.”

Bryan R, owner, Array Salon, Salt Lake City

“I practice Scholé Yoga because of the challenge, diversity of classes, and ability to move your own way. The last is my favorite because I can make the classes the best for me depending on how I feel that day. It makes it so I always have a challenge ahead. I also am a huge fan of lighting and music. Different styles with the lights on the whole time distract me from my own practice. It's like I get in my head and it makes it an experience that I don't want to repeat as often as I do Scholé classes.”

Jess E., personal trainer and Scholé Yoga teacher, Salt Lake City

"I do yoga as a complement to my strength training and martial arts. I like Scholé because of the [low] lighting, free flow, and the physical challenge of the long yin holds. I also like the combinations of different styles you get in one class. And let’s not forget about the awesome community of friends at Scholé Yoga Salt Lake."

Vincent B, technical marketing manager, Sandy

"I would never have even considered doing yoga before but Scholé is different. The modern music is my number one reason by far. No chanting, no gongs, no babbling brooks. Dim lighting makes you not feel self conscious and also creates a relaxing atmosphere. Verbal cueing (teaching) makes you focus on what you are doing and really push to the point that feels right for you.  This is interesting to me because people aren't symmetrical and having verbal directions is very different than trying to mimic what an insanely fit and flexible teacher is doing. Scholé Yoga feels like a balanced workout. The classes are thought through, balanced with strength and holds, fast and slow. It's not a sequence of poses but a well orchestrated trip with highs and lows. And the place is badass.

Drey B., software engineer and Scholé Yoga teacher, Sugarhouse

“I first became interested in yoga because I spent a lot of time at the gym weight training. I eventually decided to give it a try simply because I wanted  that lean yoga look.  What I quickly discovered though, was that the meditative aspects of yoga resonated with me intensely, as I'd had previous experience with Zen meditation, breath, etc.  I found the ability to re-connect with myself, to forgive myself, to love myself for the first time in nearly a decade.  I felt what it was like to move with intention and purpose.  I found hope.  I found the strength to walk away from a bad marriage.  I was drawn to the challenge, to the focus required to push myself.  I noticed that the anger and explosive bursts of emotion that used to fuel my workouts slowly gave way to a quieter, focused energy.  I noticed that although I don't weight train quite as frequently, I'm actually stronger. 

I've also found a connection with a community of like-minded people.  Working in technology can oftentimes be an isolating experience, spending long hour in front of a computer, analyzing, spending time in my own head.  I think it's important to find a balance, to find the time to connect in order to offset those periods of isolation, as well as find opportunities to move, to be physical, in order to offset time spent sitting at a desk.”

Ryan A, Land Developer, Holladay

"I started taking yoga classes about a year ago to break up my strength training routine and began to feel the benefits such as flexibility and core strength. Scholé Yoga has become a part of my workout routine which now includes running or cycling 5 days a week with strength training at least 4 days a week and yoga 4-5 classes a week. It is a full body workout that works and conditions muscles that I neglect in my cardio and strength training. I've enjoyed the atmosphere at Scholé Yoga Salt Lake, from the always welcoming instructors to the hot humid studio with great energizing music. I feel amazing after each and every class."

We all have our own experiences and reasons for finding our way to yoga. If you know someone who has been thinking about giving this yoga thing a try, bring them on over to SYSL - maybe that person is even you. If there's one thing that is consistent across what these yogis tell us they find at the studio, it's that the Scholé Yoga Collective is a tight, caring community that welcomes all. No matter your gender or your reason for stopping by, we’d love to see you soon.

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