The word "Scholé" comes from the ancient Greek word for leisure. In classical times, leisure was time spent learning and bettering yourself. From Scholé came "scholar" and "school" - two elements that are critical to what Scholé Yoga Salt Lake is all about.

We believe knowledge and learning should be available to everyone who has an interest in growing throughout their life. To help the Scholé Yoga Collective learn about yoga, health, and wellness, we're proud to offer what we think is Salt Lake City's biggest yoga library. Members of the Scholé Yoga Collective can check out any book for free as part of their membership benefits. If you'd like to learn more about yoga's roots, get inspired in postures for home practice (or a class outline), or discover more about healthy food options, there are great resources in our studio library waiting for you.

If you have books you'd like to donate or provide on loan to the community, chat us up! Together, we can share the teachings of yoga help each other learn and grow.