A mudra is a symbolic or ritual gesture, an energetic seal of authenticity. Every Scholé class is closed in a pose we call Scholé Mudra. From lying down on your back, place the soles of your feet to touch (in Sanskrit this pose is called Supta Baddha Konasana or reclined bound angle pose), then place your left palm over your heart and right palm over your belly.

As we close our practice, we seal it in with this symbol of connection. First and foremost, we acknowledge and recognize the connection we have with ourself. Our hands lay on specific parts of our body, we can call them our internal centers of wisdom.

Physically, our hands are over our heart and stomach (or gut). Maybe you've heard the expression, ‘listen to your gut feeling.’ That's what we are practicing in this style of yoga, every posture, every choice throughout class should be one that feels right to you. As we practice listening to ourselves on the mat, this begins to transfer to other areas of our lives. It could be questioning how we are eating, relationships, or a job. We start to ask ourselves if you living a life that is true to us? How do we even know if we are or not? When you listen deeply, you take the time to connect with yourself and start to find your own answers

Scholé Mudra can mean a wide range of things, and it can have a different meaning to each of us. Here are a few quotes from graduates of Scholé Yoga teacher training:

“Scholé Mudra is a representation that any insights or growth you achieve in class, came from you. The guide, the music,even the yoga postures might be avenues to access a higher level of yourself- but in the end it was you that allowed for more clarity, more receptivity, and the power to not just notice messages from your instincts and intuition, but to act upon them- inside and outside of the yoga practice.” -Mikalyn Paulson

“I like the idea you are sealing in your practice. All the new discoveries physically, mentally and spiritually you can take home with you.” -Susan Baca

“For me, it is a powerful moment of connection with myself at the end of that particular journey. We practice all class to connect more, and that moment of touch at our hearts and bellies brings it all home so I can carry it forward.” -Shannon McPhee

“For me, it's a time to check-in, a moment to make the choice to realign my heart with good intentions that bring about peace, love and self-acceptance.  As with any symbol, the placement of the hands over the belly and heart have become my sacred sealing to thank myself for taking extra time for me.  The most beautiful part of the mudra is that you can take it anywhere you go and it can encompass the same meaning (outside in nature, at another studio or in the privacy of your own home.). It is special.  It is sacred.  It is an individual divine symbol.” -Vanessa Snopek

“I am good enough.
I have the capability to get through things that I originally thought I could not.
I was strong. I was patient.

I can take this with me anywhere I go.”        -Shawn Talbot