If you’ve been to class at Scholé Yoga Salt Lake, you might have noticed that we’re a hot yoga studio. If you haven’t been yet, don’t let that scare you - our hot yoga runs at about a toasty 90 degrees rather than the more intense 105F of Bikram Yoga. Now that it’s cooling off outside, the warmth feels especially good as you come in from the colder weather.

Scholé Yoga Salt Lake also features a state-of-the-art filtration system in our humidifiers that purify the air while helping you sweat it all out on your mat. Add in our fresh stereo system, and we’re using a good amount of energy to bring you a completely unique Scholé Yoga experience every class, although our low LED lighting stays pretty green.

What you might not know about our Salt Lake City yoga studio is that the Artspace complex we are located in runs on solar power. It’s one of the best things about our modern yoga home. In fact, the Artspace solar gardens have created over 625,000 kwh (kilowatt hours) so far this year. There are 8760 hours in an entire year, so that is a pretty significant amount of energy.

What’s even more amazing is that the Artspace solar gardens have offset over 965,000 lbs of carbon dioxide through the renewable energy of solar power. Next time you practice with us, know that you’re practicing some serious Salt Lake (solar) power yoga. We’re proud to run hot and green in our quest to give you the best yoga Salt Lake City has to offer.

If you’re as in love with a net-zero energy lifestyle as we are, the Artspace community is growing just as fast as Scholé Yoga Salt Lake, with a number of new buildings in the works. Check them out here if you’d like to find out more about a new green home or business location super close to your favorite hot yoga studio in SLC: http://www.artspaceutah.org