Christmas doesn’t have to be about stuff, but let’s be real – lots of people spend lots of time worrying about gifts this time of year. If you’ve got a yogi on your list, here are some ideas for gifts at a range of prices to help you check gifting off your to-do list so you can stress less and enjoy the holidays a little more:

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo // $13

After a hot class, a quick spray with this dry shampoo helps remove sweat and get hair looking fresh again. The $13 mini size is a great fit in a yoga bag. You can pick it up at Sephora and other stores. Or select a sampling of different toiletry minis hand-picked for your friend to make a fun post-class gift set.

Scholé Yoga Class Pass // $14

At just $14, this gift could give someone a whole lot more. If you’d like to give someone the experience of getting more connected, a gift card to SYSL might be just the thing, especially if your friend or loved one has plenty of stuff already. Plus, they might even get to go to class with you, making this the best gift – the gift of time together. You can choose how much to give, so you can customize to give a few classes or even an unlimited month of practice for just $82. Email us at to arrange your class pass gift card.

Manduka Yoga Mat Towel // $15

Sweating it all out is one of the best parts of practice, but if you’d like to help a friend avoid the swimming pool experience, pick up a Manduka mat towel. Usually $25, we’re offering them at a holiday sale price of $15 to help you save while playing Santa.

Lululemon Yoga Headband // $18

If the person you’re shopping for has longer hair - male or female - they might love Lulu’s wide band fringe fighter headband that both keeps hair from sticking to your face (a major practice distraction) and sweat from running into your eyes. You can check out the colors available on their website.

SYSL Apparel // $15 - $55

If you’ve got a Scholé yogi on your list, help them fly their flag with exclusive gear! For holiday shopping, we're offering our hats at $18 (regular $24), Be Your Own Guru practice tanks for $25 (regular $34), and our warm snuggly hex hoodies for $55 (regular $65). Snap them up while supplies last!

Swell Water Bottle // $25 - $45

It’s best to hydrate BEFORE class, but a new friend coming to yoga might just not be able to step into a warm room without a water bottle. Swell bottles are insulated so your water stays cold (and warm drinks hot) even when it’s hot or cold outside.  The medium size 17oz bottle is a good size for a bag, and the large 25 oz bottle holds a full bottle of wine should you find yourself picnicking with your friend come springtime. Swell bottles can be a little on the pricey side – Target sells a 15 oz version made by Swell that is called Sip for $24.99.

Manduka Eko Mat // $62 - $94

At SYSL, we sell Manduka Pro mats because we’re into being good to the planet and they literally last a lifetime. Usually $78 (our special studio price), we’re offering them for an amazing holiday price of $68 – get yours while they are still in stock! If you’re buying for a yogi that loves to sweat it all out, you can also check out the Manduka Eko mats for an option that is grippy even without a towel. The grip eventually wears down, so just know that a Manduka Eko mat won't last as long as a Manduka Pro. The 5 mm thickness is the most pricey, but also will be the most comfortable.

Meditation Pod Session at SYSL // $52 - $74

If you’ve never tried it, the meditation pod at SYSL is an amazing experience. The pod is filled with over a thousand pounds of Epsom salts (a.k.a magnesium, an essential mineral that helps muscles relax) to soothe tight muscles and help you float effortlessly in the water. Soft colored lights help you relax deeply as you work on your meditation practice. If you’re buying for someone who has plenty of things, try an experience like this one for an original and memorable gift. Drop us a line ( if you have questions or would like us to prep a gift card for a meditation pod experience.

Scholé EVOLVE Course Tuition // Early Bird $99

2017 is just around the corner. In January, we’ll be helping everyone get the year started healthy and more connected with our EVOLVE 21-day yoga cleanse that will meet Fridays from 6-8 PM. Led by Micah Scholes and Shannon McPhee, the cleanse features weekly practice and discussions exclusively for participants, meditation, and a brand new manual with recipes, readings, and sample practices written by Micah and Shannon. The course is limited to only 24 students to ensure everyone can connect with what they need - email us at to arrange to give this special gift.