Contributed by Scholé Yoga Adventures and Level 3 Guide Destiny Maxton

How could two activities, such as Cross Country Skiing and Yoga, intersect?

By the common denominator: Scholé.

Scholé is a yoga methodology for focusing on intuitive movement. It is not an "advanced practitioners" only practice, nor does aesthetic alignment consume the frontier. Instead, the focus lies in moving in a way which feels inspired during any given moment. By paying attention to breath, the practitioner may deepen the connection to their innermost self and what they need most based on what feels good in their own body.

Similarly, the art of cross country skiing is an opportunity for people to connect with themselves in a natural landscape through breath and movement, surrounded by fresh air and snow... no experience required. The only necessity? To experience the adventure to the fullest.

Participants may move at their own pace while being supported by the collective energy of the group. If you've ever been curious about trying it, Scholé Adventures will help you discover cross country skiing while making connections with others and yourself. We'll talk about theory. We'll cover technique. Ultimately though, you'll learn one of the biggest lessons of all: You are your own best teacher. It's a powerful lesson to discover. 

Think of Scholé Cross Country Skiing as a gateway to exercising the body, rejuvenating the mind and spirit, all while building connections with community and nurturing an appreciation for the expansive world in which we live.

Find challenge in a whole new way - Join us to discover the Scholé Cross Country Skiing experience for yourself. This is one Scholé Adventure you won't want to miss.

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