If you’re looking for a way to eat fewer processed foods and more whole ones, you might be excited by this fresh food idea trending this summer: sweet potato toast!

A great way to eat another serving of vitamin rich veggies, to make, just slice a sweet potato into thin wedges and pop into the toaster for two rounds. You could also microwave your sweet spud for a few minutes first to soften it faster. Once ready, spread with any topping of your choice, like peanut or almond butter and banana, eggs and cheese, or some avocado. Take your toast to lunch by adding tuna, egg or the chickpea salad we blogged about here, or make it pizza-style with sauce, toppings and some mozzarella.

Give it a try and notice if you feel any different from when eating toasted bread. Processed grains aren’t always easy on the stomach, so this sweet twist on a breakfast classic might just become a new staple for starting your day with an energy-packed punch.