Modern music is an essential element of a Scholé Yoga practice. Most of us have experienced how music can impact or even amplify our emotions, but music is also a powerful catalyst for human connection and growth.

Until about the last hundred years, music was something we experienced live. Our music culture is deeply rooted in community, as coming together for a live performance was the only way for us to hear music. These roots created connections that last today. We can listen to music on our phones nowadays, but we still come together in masses to hear a concert. Berkley University even reports that music helps us feel connected to others when we’re keeping the beat.

Music also boosts our happy hormones. The same Berkley report noted that listening to music raised levels of oxytocin, sometimes called our “love hormone” because our brains release it when we feel affection.

Beyond hormones, music also amplifies connections in our brains, and helps us feel more empathy for others. The theory is that as we listen to music, we try to understand what the musician is trying to communicate. Our brains take music a step beyond sound to determine the emotions and meaning in the music, creating deeper connections along the way.

Music also creates and reinforces culture. Today, a pop song can be known the world over, and people who cannot speak the same language can still make connections through a song. Sometimes music even leads people to learn and perfect the cadence of speaking another language. Regardless of where we are, when we find out someone likes an artist we enjoy, we bond over our shared interest, deepening our sense of community.

Scholé Yoga embraces the power of music in amplifying our practice and motivating us to move, explore and observe. As we listen and flow with the rise and fall of a Scholé soundtrack, music takes us on a journey where we can notice more, feel more, and think less.

To listen to some of the evolving sounds of Scholé, check out our Spotify profile to sample soundtracks:

Better still, join us on the mat to come together and move with your music-loving community in a whole new way.