Our energy is a finite resource. There is only so much to go around, and what we feed with our energy grows. Observing where we’re directing our energy can be enlightening as we start to see that we have more control than we often think over our experience of life.

Just about everyone has been down about something at some point in our lives, and that situation making us unhappy often becomes a focus for our energy. That’s perfectly normal and okay – despite what we may have been led to believe, life isn’t a one-way trek up. It involves a lot of challenges, some wins, some losses, and hopefully we learn from what doesn’t always go our way.

Despite how things unfold in our lives, we do have power over how we react, and how much we will suffer or thrive. Certainly, some situations in life are full of suffering, such as the death of a loved one. But even in those darkest days, families often come together and share memories of happier times, strengthening the support bond they share.

When we continue to focus on whatever struggles we’re facing, we feed those more energy to help it keep going. When we choose instead to focus our energy on something that helps us move forward, we help that to grow instead. It is a very powerful thing to experience that tiny shift that starts to take place in how we feel when we start to focus on the things we can change. If we pay attention, we can often notice how things are starting to be different thanks to our focus on what we want, rather than dwelling on what we don't.

Modern human beings tend to be an impatient bunch, and it can take more time than we’d like for things to change. Patience can be one of the most challenging practices to develop when things are uncomfortable. But little by little, focusing on the good things that we want – whether that’s love, forgiveness, better health, more connection – will redirect our energy supply towards feeding the growth of what will help us live the life we truly desire.