Through the practice of meditation and Hatha yoga, we begin cultivate a greater sense of awareness. As we become more mindful, more sensitive of our bodies, sensations, feelings and thoughts, we can begin to see ourselves at a deeper level. Take notice - what thoughts, or thought patterns seem to come up for you? Maybe your feelings or sensations are strong during meditation. We don't have to try and understand in the moment but as we observe we can better understand ourselves. Our heightened sense of awareness has the potential to steer us to a life filled with happiness and opportunity.

Turning to language, first, observe and notice how you say things to yourself and to others. Especially to yourself! Maybe you've heard the saying, ‘it's just semantics,” which is used to put down or blow off the meaning of words. But language does matter! Language is powerful. The way we say things carries meaning. When we speak to others or ourselves, our words influence our thoughts and actions.  What we say and how we say it matters.

Transforming Passive Statements into Action

Instead of saying things that take the responsibility out of your hands, use words that give you the power to achieve what you're looking for. By replacing passive language with active language, we take control and ownership of our lives.

For example, compare:

"I'd love to learn a handstand one day." vs. "I will learn a handstand."

"I should go to work tomorrow." vs. "I will go to work."

"I need to hit the gym but I'd have to go early." vs "I'm going to hit the gym and I'll go early."

To keep building power with the words you think and speak:

Replace later or someday with now.

Replace should, could, and try with will.

Replace but with and.

For the handstand example, step one is becoming aware of something you want to do or achieve, which in this case, is a handstand. Second, tell yourself or others that you will learn it, in the present moment. There is no time like now! Last, visualize your achievement, get obsessive over it, think about it and give yourself as many opportunities to get there. But be patient - this helps us sustain our focus on our goals even when we are not immediately gratified by attaining our objective. Before you know it, you'll be standing on your hands. Maybe it will even take years, but the outcome will still be the same.

Whatever it is you'd like out of life, it's attainable. The universe is abundant. Speak your power with words that bring you what you really want.