Contributed by Level 3 Scholé Yoga Guide Kristan Ehorn

I walk into the quiet candle lit room. Smells, familiar sounds, and voices fill my senses. My heart begins to slow. I feel a slight flutter as questions arise. This is a time of healing and growth. Anticipation for what will be learned today.

What lessons will present and if the tears will fall freely. Can I open up? Is it my time to let go? To forgive? Is it my day to truly let go and be light. To be free. To allow movement without doubt. To find me without aversion. For these enemies often destruct. That's when I trust love and forgive more.

When we begin I stutter and slip I momentarily begin wondering, questioning, is this where I'm supposed to be? Am I doing it right? But then I decide, I choose, to listen to the sound of my breath as it begins to encompass my being. Music fills my soul, I close my eyes and let my body take over in a way that feels good.

A way that heals from the inside out.  A place of community and love. A place where judgement isn't welcome and nothing else matters but this moment, this chance. My heart quickens and the mind starts to stir. I struggle at times, yet I know it isn't forever. I give up, and start again.

I fail, yet persevere. Tears fall along smiley cheeks. The mind becomes more aware it's flooded in waves. I thought that was a distant memory? A past I thought I got over? A broken heart I thought was mended? Yet found in what still lay beneath. Found still haunting in between each trapped breath.

Inhale, feel; exhale, release. Inhale, heal; then exhale, let go. I awaken to a new me. A new body, mind, and soul. A greater connection. Knowing that in this moment, in this time, I am different than when I walked into the room. And that each day I can start again, each struggle I can listen closer, each moment I can begin to notice and feel as though it's my last. I am stronger. I am aware and mindful. I can do this. This is what frees me, this is yoga. 

This is Scholé. 

I belong. 

I. Am. Home.