On August 19, the Scholé Yoga Collective welcomed guest teacher Aaron Hunsaker for a session on “Embracing Your Inner Darkness.” In his pre-practice talk, Aaron himself admitted that he’s kind of the “anti-yoga teacher.” His former students may have known what to expect, but there was certainly plenty of curiosity about what we would be in for during his workshop. Perhaps there may have even been a little apprehension or fear of the unknown, but there is definitely yoga in observing those emotions.

Aaron began by discussing his reasons for practicing yoga, and top among them is the practice of drishti. “Drishti” is a Sanskrit word commonly translated as “gazing point” in yoga, but Aaron reminded us to think past literal translations and recognize that “drishti” is really about focus. The ability to focus your mind deeply is one of the greatest benefits of yoga, as it can deeply change much of our lives.

With more focus, we can become non-reactive over time. When something happens to rattle us, we take a breath and look at that situation rather than just responding to the stimulus right away. Across all the things that rise up in our relationships, families, jobs and just everyday life, training to hold our ground when faced with the unexpected can make us a source of peace and calm amidst the chaos of our modern society.

Aaron also reminded us that yoga is so much more than how our bodies look in a posture. Yoga helps to work on the places in our bodies that we can’t see, the places that really matter. By tuning in, we can start to build deeper connections and feel more – something we embrace at Scholé Yoga.

If you missed Aaron’s first appearance at Scholé Yoga Salt Lake, we’re hoping to welcome him back again soon. But don't worry about this blog spoiling what he’ll be sharing – he promises something entirely different next practice, with the caveat to expect one intense soundtrack.