Contributed by Scholé Yoga Level 3 Guide Amanda Crittenden

An unexpected moment of vulnerability catches me off guard, and the first place I want to be is in a Scholé Yoga class. I want to feel a space where I can just be me on my mat, listening to music that will support a range of emotions, including the one I’m currently feeling.

Choosing in each moment to move in such a way that will facilitate connection, softness and strength has been one of the greatest gifts I could receive and give.  Within minutes of stepping into my first Scholé yoga class, I knew that this is the yoga I want to practice and share with the world. Since then it has been a source of strength and support, a way to feel exactly what I need to and to breathe and move through a variety of experiences.  In moments of doubt and uncertainty, I simply place headphones in my ears, and then move while spinning a soundtrack, finding calmness through movement and breath.

One of the things I love most about this practice is that I can go to any class, and I’ll be supported to feel whatever it is that’s going on externally and internally that day.  Scholé classes are also supportive when I’m feeling joyful, giddy, or in a state of complete bliss.  Being able to have a home studio, Scholé Yoga Salt Lake is a way to bring this sense of feeling at home to our greater Salt Lake Community.

Whatever it is that you’re breathing through on your mat, we’ll be here.