Tomatoes are in season, making it a perfect time to enjoy one of the most deceptively simple salads of the summer. I was lucky enough to visit Greece earlier this year, and fell in love with the Greek salads.

Food is one of my favorite souvenirs, and the traditional Greek salad is simple to make. It is a great alternative for a super fresh meal when you’re a little tired of salads based on greens like spinach and kale – I ended up eating this salad about three times a week this summer! The fats in the olive oil, olives and feta help keep you full, the salt brings out the incredible flavors of the fresh veggies and helps to keep you hydrated, and the veggies themselves are packed with vitamins, fiber, and are full of plant-based energy to make you feel amazing.

This salad is really versatile – this is more a guideline than a recipe to follow to the letter. The more variety in the color of your tomatoes, the prettier it gets. If you like more tomatoes, add more. If you don’t love green pepper, use less. In fact, I was not a fan of green pepper AT ALL until I discovered this salad. The dried herbs used to flavor this salad deliver tons of great antioxidants, so feel free to go heavy if you like. This recipe is just a basic starting point for how I took this dish home with me, and I never actually measure the ingredients. Start with about these amounts and adjust until this dish tastes like your own.


About 1.5 cups diced fresh tomatoes

About 1 cup chopped cucumber

About 1 cup chopped green pepper

1 tsp diced red onion

1/3 cup black olives (I love the rich flavor of the pitted black Kalamata olives from the Whole Foods olive bar)

1 tbsp dried parsley

1 tbsp dried oregano

1 tbsp dried dill

½ tsp Himalayan salt

1 tbsp capers (Available at most grocery stores, including Trader Joe’s)

1 tbsp olive oil (Trader Joe’s has a great unfiltered Greek olive oil)

Diced Feta cheese to taste (My favorite is available at Trader Joe’s)


Toss all ingredients together to mix well, then serve with the feta cheese added on top. You can sprinkle more herbs on top of the feta if you’d like it to look even prettier. This salad keeps for a few days in the fridge. The veggies release more juices, making the salad even better as the flavors mix together. So I often make a double batch to have some for the next day.