Fall is upon us, and Salt Lake City is one of the best places to get outside and enjoy the changing colors around us. You might be familiar with hiking and yoga, but wondering what on Earth is a “yoga hike”?  It can be as simple as paying deeper attention as you hike, or you can also add some meditation and yoga to your walk in the woods.

To give the Scholé Yoga Salt Lake method a try, once you arrive at your hiking spot, take a few minutes to sit quietly, observe your breath, and notice the sensations around you. Pay attention to what you can hear, like the birds, maybe wind in the leaves, what you can feel, like the wind on your skin, and what you can smell – hopefully the incredible smell of leaves on the ground.

As you end your meditation, stay silent and keep observing as you walk the first half of your hike. Leave your phone turned off – that might be the hardest part of your whole hike, but it can transform your experience! Take breaks for yoga side bends, lunges, whatever feels good to you. At the halfway point, you can take a mindful yoga meal and pay deep attention to how your snack tastes. If you’re hiking with others, this is a great time to break your silence and talk about your experience on the way back down, and maybe even turn your phone back on to snap a few memories.

Here are some of our favorite Salt Lake Yoga Hikes near our downtown yoga studio and further south along the Wasatch Front:

City Creek Canyon / Memory Grove Trail

Just east of the Utah State Capitol, City Creek Canyon and Memory Grove Park are a beautiful resource for some time in nature just north of the heart of Salt Lake City.

Ensign Peak Open Space

The great views of Ensign Peak might surprise you if you haven’t explored this trail before. Hikers can stay low or climb some altitude to intensify their adventure.

Emigration Canyon Ridgeline Trail

As its name suggests, the Ridgeline Trail starts low and runs along much of Emigration Canyon, with a little moderate climbing up to the trail if you start at the beginning. Once up, it’s a fairly level walk with alternating woodsy spots and amazing views.

Bell Canyon Trail

Starting at the bottom of Little Cottonwood Canyon just after the traffic lights at 9800 S and Wasatch Blvd, this pretty trail traverses the mountainside and then takes you to Lower Bell Canyon reservoir. If you continue to follow Bell Canyon trail for a few more miles uphill, eventually you will come to Bell Canyon waterfall. Hiking from the trailhead to the waterfall will have you covering about 2.4 miles each way, so be sure to practice some yoga along the way!

If you’ve got another yoga hike spot you’d like to share, fill us in on what we are missing at connect@scholeyoga.com.