One of the members of our Scholé Yoga Collective shared a post on a study to find "the most relaxing song" this week. The researchers noted that music can help us find more calm amidst our stressful lives, which is quite important given their claim that “health issues from job stress alone cause more deaths than diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or influenza.”

Luckily, the study found that calming music can reduce our heart rates, breathing and blood pressure - all signs that our bodies are relaxing. Amazingly, their #1 track was found to reduce stress and anxiety by 65%. Listen to it here on Spotify - you're likely to recognize it at Scholé Yoga Salt Lake playing before a class or when we take rest. However, we felt that the rest of the songs on the list could be much improved upon. 

So here is a list of top tracks from the SYSL Faculty, including Vanessa Noble, Kristan Ehorn, Madison Kyle, Mikalyn Paulson, Amanda Crittenden and Shannon McPhee. We've also included them in a handy playlist on the ScholéYoga Spotify page - click here to follow, save, listen and relax.

Kascade, Floating

Houses, Smoke Signals

Fink, Fall Into the Light

The Black Atlantic, Baiulus

Sad Souls, Cloud Speed

Enzo, Mystic River

Deep Divers, Chill Me Out

Eliza Hull, Skin

Chris Coco, New Age Sunrise

Olafur Arnolds, Tomorrow's Song

Keaton Heston, Petrichor

Newman T., American Beauty No. 12

Chequerboard, A Field of Night

Goldmund, Threnody

Balmorhea, Bowspirit

This Will Destroy You, They Move On Tracks of Never-Ending Light

Did we miss your favorite tracks? Share the love & links in the comments below.

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