We call our community at Scholé Yoga Salt Lake a collective, because we are all much more than just members. Being part of this crew gives you many more perks in addition to the amazing practices you can join every day, including this sweet new benefit - bring a friend who is new to SYSL for free all February! Here are just some of the ways you can make the most out of being a part of the Scholé Yoga Collective:

Bring a Friend Every Practice -  for Free!

For the month of February, we are introducing a new special member perk. Each time you take a class, bring one friend in with you who has never been to the studio before, and the drop in is on us! We know how hard it can be to get your loved ones to yoga for their first time, here’s us trying to make it a slightly easier job.

Try Out a New Style

Maybe you started practicing Scholé initially because you loved the challenge of a STRONG class. Perhaps you enjoyed the meditative benefits from an hour of REFRESH. Regardless, life is constantly changing for us all, and as things are in constant motion, our needs change. If you haven't tried a class yet of each of our styles - having unlimited yoga as a SYC member is the perfect opportunity! We have four different weekly styles that all differ in intensity, music style, posture focus, and pace. Depending on what you’ve got going on week to week, or even day to day, it can be a good idea to step out of your comfort zone and try supplementing another style with your current health and fitness regime.

Enjoy 15% Off

As a SYC Member, you get 15% off of all merchandise, workshops, private lessons, Meditation Pod sessions, and more. We already strive to keep our prices low, and since Micah is an ambassador for many of the top yoga apparel and accessory brands, we get special pricing that all adds up to a pretty hefty discount for you! In addition to several styles of Scholé Yoga tanks, tees, hoodies, + headbands, we carry discounted Manduka BlackMat Pros, the Manduka Pro Squared, YogiToes Towels, Manduka Practice Blocks, and more. Our teachers have tried out countless kinds of yoga mats and accessories and we only carry the best of the best, so next time you are looking for a way to take your accessory game to the next level, check out our retail section and take advantage.

Have You Seen our Pod?

Much like our style of yoga, the Meditation Pod is something that needs to be experienced in order to appreciate. Over 900 pounds of Epsom Salt in a pod of water that is heated to the exact temperature of the human skin might sound like heaven or a little intimidating, but what it really is is the perfect environment to have a deep and peaceful meditative experience unlike any other. Not only that but Scholé Yoga Salt Lake is the ONLY place in Utah (possibly the world as far as we have found) that combines this powerful healing tool with all the benefits that come from a regular yoga practice. Try a session out (you get 15% off!) after your next class and have the best Savasana of your life!  

Access to the Members-Only Facebook Group

It is our personal opinion that the people who have come together to form the SYC are just about the coolest people out there. We’ve got amazing people coming in weekly to practice from all over the valley, people who are committed to their health and wellbeing and want to live as their best self. So it only makes sense that putting them all together in a Facebook group would create an array of positive posts, recipies, music, posture questions and ideas and more! This group is also where we vote on the monthly SYC workshop (see details below) and post about upcoming news and perks at the studio. If you are a member but are not yet in the Facebook group, your privacy settings may have not let us find you yet. Send an email to connect@scholeyoga.com so we can get you in on this asap!

Free Members Only Monthly Workshop

Not just any workshop, we keep these monthly special events members only so that we can go deeper together and have smaller class sizes. The topics are all voted on by the members of the Collective and  so far have included meditation 101, arm balances, yoga + wine, live music + more! 

Commit, and Make it a Habit

If we really want to see the benefits a regular yoga practice can have on our lives, practicing at least three times per week is crucial. After one class, you will feel great, but after consistent practice, your body and mind will start to change. Just a few weeks of this commitment will show up in your body, your skin, and even your demeanor and the choices you make every day. It’s not easy to create new habits, but here are some tips from some regular practitioners over the years to help:

  1. Schedule out your week of yoga in advance. When you’re already signed in to class it gives you just a little extra push to actually make it there, especially after a busy day or when you’re not feeling motivated.
  2. Get someone to come with you! It’s cliche but true, when you have someone else who has made a commitment as well, it’s harder to break it for yourself.
  3. Remember how you feel after practice when getting to class feels like a challenge early in the morning or at the end of a long day. Those good feels await you every time you make it to class!