Fall is a season that reminds us about the power of letting go. As the leaves change color and harvests are gathered, nature teaches us this powerful art, and the practice of yoga helps to remind us of these lessons every day of the year. This Saturday at the Fall Colors Yoga Festival in Midway, our Founder Micah Scholes will be sharing Scholé Yoga with our Utah Yoga Community this Saturday in Midway, and we would love to have you to join us.

Micah will be guiding a session on THE ART AND SCIENCE OF SCHOLÉ YOGA from 4:15 – 5:30 PM on Saturday, October 17. Come and discover a completely modern form of practice that is rooted in the ancient traditions and teachings of yoga. Micah will guide the session through a vigorous and dynamic yoga practice designed to harness your innate creativity and intuition, and a live performance by DjMk (Madison Kyle) will keep everyone flowing with fresh tracks and fun transitions.

This unique experience combines rhythmic, innovative sequences combined with long, meditative holds to create a rhythmic interplay of activity and stillness, all set to live music by Dj Mk! Although Scholé classes can be incredibly motivating and engaging, you will also be encouraged to take rest and modify each pose as you see fit. All ages and ability levels are welcome, so bring a friend to discover something new together!

The Fall Colors Festival schedule is jam packed with amazing teachers and teachings to learn from. Whether you want to focus on vinyasa flow, kundalini, meditation, arm balances, Ghosh yoga, or healing workshops, or even try Glowga and attend a kirtan concert, the FALL COLORS YOGA FESTIVAL SCHEDULE will provide a full of day discovery for everyone. GRAB A TICKET to meet new friends who share a passion for yoga and celebrate the beauty of fall together. See you on your mat in Midway this Saturday!