The holidays are a wonderful time to take a day or two (or more?) off of work and other responsibilities, and use that free time to spend with our families. We cook and eat delicious food, play, talk and laugh together, and take the opportunity to enjoy and be grateful for our loved ones. There are so many activities to include in this time, but family yoga could be one of the most fun and healthy ways you can play and move with your family.

Everyone has heard about the benefits of yoga for adults, but what about for our families? Kids can benefit from yoga both physically and mentally, helping them grow to be strong, happy and balanced. Yoga can help children develop flexibility and coordination through physical postures, improve focus and awareness, teaches stress management skills by breathing deeply and fully, and by adding a sprinkle of playfulness, it can foster creativity and imagination. Of all of the many benefits family yoga can have, however, the best is how it can help create a peaceful home by uplifting the mood. And as your kids get older, regular yoga can help create and build confidence and a healthy body image.

Yoga can help your whole family connect their mind and bodies, and then connect with each other, to help create a happier and healthier home. By learning how deep breathing can bring each person into the present moment, creating peace and patience. These tactics can help your family deal with stress in their everyday lives by taking their yoga practice off the mat, and help your home and family stay pleasant and peaceful during the holiday break.

There are so many ways to turn yoga into a fun and healthy activity for the whole family. If you have little kids, you can turn yoga into a fun imaginative game by letting them take turns choosing an animal or an object to mimic with a pose, then have everyone else try to copy them. As you continue, you can start to look up traditional and modern yoga poses and start adding them into your game. You don’t even have know any yoga poses to get your family started. If you can move your body, you’re doing yoga. Now you can get your family moving, too. And what better time to get started than the most wonderful time of the year?