Most people who walk into a Scholé Yoga class for the first time quickly realize that this yoga practice is something different. A dark room, mats in a circle, modern music, a guide cueing verbally rather than modeling in front of the class – it’s all very unusual compared to most of our previous yoga experiences.

Beyond the physical differences in the room, every Scholé Yoga class delivers four key foundations in every practice across all of our styles. In honor of the launch of our newest format this week – Scholé IGNITE – let’s review the four foundations of freedom, challenge, meaning and community that come together to make Scholé Yoga such a unique practice.


Scholé Yoga is free and open because we believe that you are your own best teacher. An element of playfulness and creativity exists in all Scholé classes, creating a dynamic experience that everyone looks forward to enjoying each day. Moreover, by allowing everyone to make their own choices and choose their own unique class experience, Scholé practitioners stay safe, empowered, and uniquely satisfied.


We think of yoga as a way to help you live an amazing life. Although Scholé classes can be incredibly physical (if you so choose), our Guides always offer numerous options and adjustments to ensure that the practice is accessible to students of all ages and ability levels.


The ancient teachings of yoga actually have very little to do with physical postures or flexibility. At Scholé, everything we teach is built around the authentic teachings of yoga. As a result, each class becomes much more than just a workout. The lessons we share enable practitioners to get past obstacles both on and off the mat.


Scholé is bigger than any single person or style. It is about all of us coming together as one. Our work has evolved over the course of many years based on the needs of the community, and will continue to evolve and adapt for centuries to come. Our founding principle is to cultivate a place where people can connect with themselves and others. In our classes, anything that helps us connect is explored and anything that divides is avoided.

Join us to experience these foundational principles in a practice that may just transform your life. Our new IGNITE format is launching with guidance by Micah Scholes at 6 PM Monday and by Mikalyn at 7:15 PM Wednesdays, both at XCEL FITNESS.

Although all Scholé classes are open to beginners, IGNITE is a particularly perfect away to start (or renew) your yoga practice. All IGNITE classes are held in a cool, non-heated space with dim lights and a comfortable, easy going atmosphere. Your guide will break down accessible postures in a simple and comprehensive way so that no previous yoga experience or knowledge is needed for success. Each class is designed so that people of all ages and ability levels can strengthen and stretch their way to wellness.

The hardest part is often just getting started. IGNITE is here to help. Hope to see you soon to discover Scholé in a whole new way.