If you’ve ever thought about taking your yoga practice a step further, you are about to have an incredible chance to take that step. With a new season of changes almost upon us, SCHOLÉ YOGA UNIVERSITY is kicking off the Fall 2015 session on September 5.

SYU is so much more than a yoga teacher training, although you will certainly learn to guide your students through empowering, accessible practices and graduate as a Yoga Alliance certified instructor. At SYU, you discover so much about yourself as you move through the course. As you learn, you grow, and you work on how to help guide others as they walk their very own path of transformation through the practice of yoga.

SYU fosters deep connections with your fellow students. Although they will come from many different backgrounds, the people in your course are also pretty likely to be as passionate about yoga as you are, which sets a strong foundation for new friendships that may soon even feel like extensions of your family.

SYU is challenging, but every single person in your course will be there to support you and cheer you on. Our areas for growth are a few steps outside our comfort zone, and SYU will give you plenty of chances to find that place. We can’t change our lives by staying the same, and even if you never want to guide a single yoga class after graduating, SYU gives you the tools to be comfortable with uncertainty when things get tough.

I recently completed the SYU Level 1 training and am very excited about taking part in Level 2/3 this fall. It’s going to be one crazy ride, and I hope you’ll join us. There is a place for everyone in Scholé Yoga, and we’ve got a special place for you at SYU this fall. You can LEARN MORE ABOUT SYU ONLINE, contact the faculty by PHONE OR EMAIL, or stop by a class at XCEL FITNESS to chat with the guide or a former SYU student to discover a community dedicated to helping us all grow.

Shannon McPhee, Scholé Level 1 Certified Guide