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Deepen your connection to your practice and yourself – join us this summer to step up to your mat and rise together. One size-fits-all isn’t our style, so our anniversary yoga challenge that can be custom fit to you.

Pick any or all of the below goals, and go all in. At the end of the month, we’ll award prizes and props to all those who rise up to start their summer strong through the power of connection.  You can even win in multiple categories, so don’t hold back!

3 for 30

Clear this bar by practicing at least three times a week through the 30 days of May.

Early Bird

Get your worm and a gold star in the overachievers club with this win.

Night Owl

We see you, Sunset. If you practice with us at 5:30 PM or later, we got you in the running.

Rookie Rising

New to the collective? Step up, come often, and we’ll show you some respect for winning big here.


If you can’t get enough epic, go for this goal. We’ll crown the student with the most STRONG practices the king (or queen) of this mountain.

Yin Master

Love to REFRESH? This category is one you can zen out and own.


Go for this goal if you love it most in the dark.

NIDRA nerd

Reward your dedication to introspection by being a Friday night regular.

Double Trouble

Practice two classes in a row to earn your eligibility to win this one.

Triple Threat

Complete one STRONG, DEEP and REFRESH class to earn this crown. Per week or per day, you get to pick, but the more threes we see, the more we see you winning.


Practice every single day in either May, June, or both to win BIG.

Quad Squad

Practice one of each of the four styles on our schedule (STRONG, DEEP, REFRESH and NIDRA) in the month to set yourself up to grow big and win big this May.

Ready to win? Get a head start by choosing your goal, then visiting our Facebook and Instagram posts to declare what you’re going for, and we’ll select a winner at random this Saturday, May 12. Get an extra chance to win by also tagging a friend who needs to get in on this and grow right along with you.