Discover strength that’s more than skin deep

Make new friends along the way


Enjoy life to the fullest

Share connections, not corrections


A modern practice of timeless teachings

Balance, breath and bravery await


Scholé Yoga is a modern practice that celebrates change through variance and creativity. Each class is an intuitive and dynamic experience that is different from the last to ensure continual growth and progression. Our method creates the best possible yoga experience by encouraging everyone to listen within to find their own answers.

Each experience links breath and movement to create a rhythmic interplay of motion and stillness, while intelligent sequencing and engaging, modern music guide strength, flexibility, and balance into perfect harmony. We use sensual, low lighting so that students can tune out external distractions and tune in to their own unique experience. On the surface, our classes can feel more like going to a concert than a yoga studio, and many new students are surprised to discover a style of yoga that is just as fun as it is transformational. The result is an intense yet accessible mental, physical and emotional workout that allows each student to develop a greater sense of awareness and deeper levels of peace and contentment. Scholé practices can be very challenging, but are always accessible to practitioners of any age and ability level.

We believe that what brings us together should be celebrated, and what divides us should be left behind. With dim lighting, sensual movement and empowering cues, our guides create an experience that provides an accepting place where everyone can find freedom, challenge, meaning and community. Scholé Yoga is for everyone. Whether yoga has been a part of your life for decades or you are interested in taking your very first steps into exploring the practice, you belong.

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